• How to do I buy on the Online Mavira Store?

On our Store Front page, click on a dress you wish to buy (or on the Catalog - on the Header - for more choices), select the listed variant -typically, Size (Small, Medium, Large etc) and hit the 'Add to cart' red button. A menu will appear on the right hand side showing the item, the quantity, as (-)  & (+) and the price. The subtotal is indicated at the bottom, below which is the  'Check Out' button. Once you are satisfied with the cart items, click the Check Out button. You will be directed to the Customer Information page where you should provide us your Email (for contacting) and Shipping Address with telephone nos. You can choose to save the information provided, for a faster checkout the next time you visit our Store. Of course, we would be glad you save and come back as often as required. Hit the 'Continue to Shipping Method' button and check (and edit if necessary) your shipping Address and then click the 'Continue to Payment Method', whereupon you will be directed to the Payment Method page. Select your billing address and click the 'Complete Order' button on which you will be directed to PayU Money Payment Gateway to complete the purchase process.

Summary, in Sequence: Add to Cart - Check Out - Customer Information - Continue to Shipping Method - Continue to Payment Method - Complete Order - PayU Money Payment Gateway - Provide password -  Choose Credit, Debit or Internet Banking, and COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE.

  • What is PayU Money? What about it asking a password?

PayU Money is a state-of-the-art secure Payment Gateway for Credit Card, Debit Card and Internet Banking transactions. When you reach the Payment Gateway, PayU Money will prompt you for a password - the first time, so that your transaction is completely safe. Only after you providing, and PayU Money accepting the password, will the payment be processedThis password can be used across PayU Money Gateways in other Stores, such as the Mavira Store.

  • Are Prices shown on the Mavira Store the final sales price? Do they include or exclude taxes and shipping costs?

All prices shown are final prices- inclusive of applicable taxes, unless otherwise indicated against an item. Presently, shipping is free within India. Certain remote areas may attract additional charges, which, if any, will be clearly indicated before you make a payment. Charges, at actual, are applicable for International sales.

  • How will the items of my purchase be shipped? What are the timelines?

All items will be diligently packed and shipped through India Speed Post Service or other reliable Courier/Parcel services such as Blue Dart, The Professional Couriers, First Flight etc. As soon the item (s) of your purchase are dispatched, an Email will be sent to you with the tracking number, to enable you track the shipment. Shipping timelines vary depending on the item and Shipping Address. However, we shall endeavor to ship within seven working days from the time of purchase.

  • How do I know the fit and measurement of the dress sizes indicated?

 We have uploaded a Size Chart showing typical measurements (shoulder, chest, waist etc) applied to our dresses. You can 'measure' this beside the FAQs button, on the Footer or Sidebar.

  • Bespoke Dress-making; Sari-Blouse stitching

In case you like a particular design and find that your size is not listed, you can place an Order - either by Telephone or email - indicating the code number of the apparel. We encourage you to follow-up with a telephone call to discuss, agree and confirm. We may ask for an advance on a firm Order. You could also send us your 'best-fit size dress', which we shall use for measurement purposes. The size dress will be returned to you along with the completed Order.