Why Conking on the Head Still Works!

With the 'internet of things' becoming a part of our every day lives, sometimes you feel lost when the broadband wired internet or the WiFi is down - more so if it lasts for almost a day! Well, the Mavira Online store boasts of a robust DELL OptiPlex 9020, Core i5 System, running on Windows 10 Pro OS, which keeps upgrading itself and growing-up continuously. Bill Gates will never become a poor man, I swear!

During the most recent 'installing updates' routine the connection with the internet vanished and the great orange triangle with the exclamation mark showed up - dressed in all its finery - and simply refused to budge! I tried every trick in the book, from pulling out wires; reconnecting; 'forgetting & remembering'; to connecting with other means, other devices, including my Apple MacBook Pro, which worked well off the same internet WiFi (in fact, they worked faster, now that Bill Gates has retired and is doing full-time charity!)

Finally, ditching Bill Gates, I desperately called Michael Dell (the DELL toll-free number) for help and explained my problem, giving him the unique Service Tag Nos & Express Tag Nos. I was asked to restart my Desk Top Computer pressing F12 all the time: Lo! the internet was back wearing a beautiful dress and a broad ear-to-ear grin! It seems, that while upgrading, certain drives 'fail to wake up' and need a conking on the head - with a restart, to clear things up! (this, despite the umpteen automatic restarts during such procedures). Wow! reminds me of the times when the best way to get a normally-working-suddenly-gone-bad thing to work again is to conk-it/hit-it lovingly/bang it hard: be it the good old radios, mixies, cars... and the kind, they all start working - when hit big-bang. Guess, sometimes we need a smack on our heads for our brains to start ticking. Cannot fault Newton when the apple hit him hard on the head! Can we?
Maybe, all of you need a conk on the head, to make you head to the Mavira Online Store?

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