Grammys: Fashion Music

Every year, the month of February is an awesome one: it struggles to keep up with the days (28 or 29) but makes up, by being liberal and long on music (the 'gone girl' Grammys), drama (the Blacker-the-Berry Oscars), and nearer Home, the India Budget Season-where everyone waits for the never-happening-BlackHole-pulling Modi-fied Big-Bang reforms!

I'm 'Thinking Out Loud', at the moment, and I must admit that I've unshackled myself from the chains of the incredible Kendrick Lamar and am developing a bit of a 'Girl Crush'. Congratulations Taylor Swift for 'Pimping the Butterfly' to swiftly bring 1989 to 2016 and win The Album Of the Year Grammy. The New York Times commented that, 'something strange is going on' if Ms. Swift is the most exciting thing on the red carpet. She wore a brief (much like February) red bandage across the essentials and a pink long skirt, which walked up to her midriff. 

Meanwhile, we in the Mavira Team see lots of space ( and great scope) to cover! Hope to tailor and dress her up, one day - call that 'Writing Out Loud!'

Let fashion, like music, play on...

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