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Grammys: Fashion Music

Every year, the month of February is an awesome one: it struggles to keep up with the days (28 or 29) but makes up, by being liberal and long on music (the 'gone girl' Grammys), drama (the Blacker-the-Berry Oscars), and nearer Home, the India Budget Season-where everyone waits for the never-happening-BlackHole-pulling Modi-fied Big-Bang reforms!

I'm 'Thinking Out Loud', at the moment, and I must admit that I've unshackled myself from the chains of the incredible Kendrick Lamar and am developing a bit of a 'Girl Crush'. Congratulations Taylor Swift for 'Pimping the Butterfly' to swiftly bring 1989 to 2016 and...

Why Conking on the Head Still Works!

With the 'internet of things' becoming a part of our every day lives, sometimes you feel lost when the broadband wired internet or the WiFi is down - more so if it lasts for almost a day! Well, the Mavira Online store boasts of a robust DELL OptiPlex 9020, Core i5 System, running on Windows 10 Pro OS, which keeps upgrading itself and growing-up continuously. Bill Gates will never become a poor man, I swear!

During the most recent 'installing updates' routine the connection with the internet vanished and the great orange triangle with the exclamation mark showed up...

The Design Behind Mavira Designs

The Design Behind Mavira Designs

This is the story of Kumar and Manimekalai and what made them start, the Start Up, Mavira Designs where we do Women's Apparel manufacturing, Bespoke Tailoring, Job Orders, besides eCommerce/Online Store Sales on :;

I grew up in boarding school - Montfort Anglo-Indian High School, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, India, from Class-III onward, but only after doing the baby-class study at next door, Sacred Heart Girls High School, where boys were allowed up to Class-III. I think, rightfully so: Big Boys in a Girls School could be dangerous at higher levels?  My then poor-farmer grandpa, wanted me to learn to speak...